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From the Philippine Daily Inquirer: ‘Halimaw’ in Three Continents

Written by Bayani San Diego, Jr, Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 22, 2018


Lav Diaz’s “Ang Panahon ng Halimaw” will be shown in three continents: Asia, Australia and Europe.

First stop for the martial law musical is the Jerusalem Film Festival in Israel, from July 26 to Aug. 5.

The fest’s website describes the “esteemed director’s” latest work as “an extraordinary musical… a Filipino rock opera featuring sung [lines of] dialogue.”

The Jerusalem fest relates that the film “draws on real-life characters… [and] unveils a particularly dark era in Filipino history under the Marcos dictatorship.”

“Halimaw,” which premiered at the Berlinale in February, is also headed to the New Horizons International Film Festival, scheduled from July 26 to Aug. 5 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Critic Adam Kruk points out in the New Horizons website that “the latest film by one of the most eccentric filmmakers in contemporary cinema… [continues] to reflect on his country’s difficult history.”

The reviewer takes note of “the bizarre musical spectacle’s… fairy-tale atmosphere.”

“Halimaw” is also part of the Melbourne International Film Festival in Australia, from Aug. 2 to 19.

The Melbourne fest website asserts that Diaz’s “melancholy, unconventional musical confronts the violence of the [Philippines’] past—and, through it, the echoes that persist to this day.”

Shireen Seno’s “Nervous Translation” will also be shown at the Melbourne fest.

Lastly, “Halimaw” will be released in French theaters, starting July 25, via distributor ARP Selection.

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Lav in Barcelona

Lav Diaz is currently in Barcelona for a retrospective of his films including Norte, The End of History (2013), From What is Before (2014), The Woman Who Left (2016), Melancholia (2008) and Evolution of a Filipino Family (2005). Here are the write-ups for this event:













Meanwhile, his latest, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw (Season of the Devil) will still be screening in Cinema Centenario in all Saturdays of July.



Death in the Land of Encantos (Blu-ray)

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