Lahi, Hayop

158 mins, Black and white

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Three illegal miners journey back to their island after months of toiling in hellish conditions.

With their hard-earned money, they traversed the sea, the mountains and the forest until they reached their destination. Or did they really reach their cursed place?


Nanding Josef

Bart Guingona

Don Melvin Boongaling

Hazel Orencio

Aling Quirina
Merly Bucong

Aling Idang
Elvira Dayandante

Nanang Mamay
Lolita Carbon

Kapitan Teofilo
Popo Diaz


Lav Diaz

Assistant Director/Production Manager
Hazel Orencio

Production Designer
Popo Diaz

Art Director
Robinne Martillano

Production Assistant/Boom person
Cecil Buban
Rosalyn Tarnate

Location Manager/Production Coordinator
Mar Tarquian

Hazel Orencio/Mar Tarquian

Setman (second leg)
Alfredo “Piduts” Fernandez

Production Assistant
Qi Perez

Sylvester Derla


Lahi, Hayop Poster




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