Melancholia (2008), Lav Diaz

Everything Matters


The outrageous lengths of Lav Diaz’s films correspond less to the director’s vast, personal vision and more of instinct. Like Guy Maddin, half-way around the world, whose lo-fi silent film facsimiles are preferences made by the director to suit his own likings, so does Lav Diaz; it was as if both directors embedded this litany whenever they shoot their films: I’ll do it this way, because I want it this way!

But because of this, the Philippines’ greatest director at present is virtually unseen here in his home country which he films with so much passion and vigor. Only through underground screenings, illegal ones at that, are his films watched by a few of his unshakable followers. And when the lucky chance of a public screening does arise, the facts on Lav Diaz and his films: their length, Lav Diaz’s druggie, and tattooed appearance, overcome the decisions…

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HEREMIAS (2006, LAV DIAZ, A+++++)

Limitless Cinema in Broken English

 I saw A PLACE WITHOUT LIMITS (1978, Arturo Ripstein, A+) in late August. I like it very much. One of the things I like about it is the characters. All characters here are complex and seem to be in gray shade—no black and white characters. Many characters have both good and bad sides in them. A corrupt politician might be evil in a way, but he is still more tolerant towards homosexuality than some moral characters in this film.

A PLACE WITHOUT LIMITS might be called a feel-bad movie, but its feel-bad power is not as strong as HEREMIAS (2006, Lav Diaz, A++++++), which I just saw last night. HEREMIAS might be one of the films which make me feel the worst after seeing it. It seems to suck the power of life out of me. Somehow this film makes me feel as if the world is pure hell. I…

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Movie Review: ‘Ang Panahon ng Halimaw’ (2018)


Review by Louie Baharom

Film: ‘Ang Panahon ng Halimaw’

Year Released: 2018

Director: Lav Diaz

Genre: Drama/History

A master of slow cinema, and one of the best Filipino filmmakers working today, Lav Diaz has always been that one auteur whose works leave a lasting mark on his viewers. Ang Panahon ng Halimaw, his latest picture, does pretty much the same, and sometimes even in ways that he hasn’t done before. Horrifyingly, its title signifies an evil presence lurking about in our reality today, and it further raises its relevance as a significant piece of modern Philippine cinema.

Visiting the “Then” in the “Now” 

Ang Panahon ng Halimaw knows for a fact that everything that happens in it cannot be erased in the history books. A voice opens up the film, and takes us to the Martial Law era, and we are left naked to face ghosts of the past…

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Lav in Barcelona

Lav Diaz is currently in Barcelona for a retrospective of his films including Norte, The End of History (2013), From What is Before (2014), The Woman Who Left (2016), Melancholia (2008) and Evolution of a Filipino Family (2005). Here are the write-ups for this event:













Meanwhile, his latest, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw (Season of the Devil) will still be screening in Cinema Centenario in all Saturdays of July.



Dos Lleopards en un Teatre Grec

El blog del director

Un festival, el Grec Festival de Barcelona, obre per primer cop les portes al cinema amb la col·laboració de la Filmoteca. Es busca cineasta asiàtic relacionat amb el context geogràfic i cultural de l’edició d’enguany. Opcions múltiples. Una pista: Francesc Casadesús, director del certamen, ha assistit al rodatge a Singapur del darrer film de Lav Diaz. El cineasta filipí accepta la invitació després d’aclarir-li que la cita no és per a l’any vinent. Es procedeix a la localització d’alguns dels seus films, realitzats a partir del 1990. Les durades oscil·len entre les quatre i les onze hores. Marca de la casa. Cap problema, la programació és flexible i se’n podran veure cinc dels més representatius, premiats a diversos festivals del món.

Foto Lav Diaz 2Una coincidència. El 2014, Lav Diaz va guanyar el Lleopard d’Or de Locarno amb From What Is Before. Un any abans, havia estat el president del jurat del…

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Death in the Land of Encantos (Blu-ray)

Let us help make this project possible by simply clicking on this link:

Information below (as seen in the site)



DEATH IN THE LAND OF ENCANTOS, Lav Diaz’s founding film, available at last on DVD and Blu-Ray for the first time ever… thanks to your support!

Considered as one of Lav Diaz’s most prominent films, DEATH IN THE LAND OF ENCANTOS is an outstanding metaphor of the history of Filipino People, which he shot following Reming typhoon. With a mere miniDV camera, Lav Diaz went immediately on the premises, in the Bicol region, to witness and highlight the disastrous situation in a documentary-style approach. After a week, Diaz decided to introduce fictional elements for ethical reasons, and started to shoot an epic nine-hour film mingling documentary footage and fiction.
In doing so, he masterfully combined the artistic and political gesture, which makes DEATH IN THE LAND OF ENCANTOS a major work of art and a true lesson of cinema.
See the teaser below with English subtitles.

Your support is blatantly essential for this huge DVD and Blu-Ray edition project, which can not break even given the costs (more than 8,000 Euros -just to produce 1,000 x 3 DVDs and 200 x 3 Blu-Ray discs, not to mention the restoration costs). That’s why the 8,000-euro goal we hope to achieve really is a minimum amount for us to keep on releasing and distributing films such as DEATH IN THE LAND OF ENCANTOS. The reason why nobody did it before is simple: it’s a suicide project, from a mere economic point of view!

This edition project is so suicidal (from a mere economic point of view again) that we have decided to make the DVDs and Blu-Rays available through crowdfunding only and on the occasion of special events (such as festival partners). We can not afford disproportionate distribution costs indeed with respect to already huge production costs. Releasing DEATH IN THE LAND OF ENCANTOS in theaters, on DVD and Blu-Rays is definitely a political as much as an editorial action, which we wish will not be the last one…
In concrete terms, it means we advanced the money required to finance this edition. If you contribute to this project therefore, you are sure to see the end of it. But, at the present time, we are producing it at a loss, meaning there is no way we can cover the costs… without your support! More specifically, we need 250 DVD and 50 Blu-Ray preorders through Kickstarter to start breakevening (or 325 DVD preorders only) –a goal we would never be able to achieve through traditional point of sales.

In short, we really need YOU!

DVD Technical Specs: 3 DVD 9 – Region All – NTSC – Feature Runtime: 543 mins – Discs duration: 174 mins / 198 mins / 171 mins – Black & White – Aspect Ratio 1.85:1 – 16:9 – Audio: Tagalog 2.0 – Optional subtitles: French / English – Includes a 16-page booklet
Blu-Ray Technical Specs: 3 BRD 25 – Region All – 1080p30 – Feature Runtime: 543 mins – Discs duration: 174 mins / 198 mins / 171 mins – Black & White – Aspect Ratio 1.85:1 – 16:9 – Audio: Tagalog 2.0 – Optional subtitles: French / English – Includes a 16-page booklet
The film was restored and remastered for those specific DVD and BRD editions. The viewer should however keep in mind the original sources are NTSC miniDVs and the film was shot in very extreme conditions.