JP Carpio’s Top 10 Pinoy Films of the 2010’s


FlorentinaHubaldo, CTE (2012), dir.LavDiaz–Clockingin at around six hours –amedium lengthfilm by his standards – Filipino film masterLavDiazpushes his use of long form cinematowardsanearpainful perfection that is almost unbearableto witness. Known morethese daysforhishigher-budgeted,sprawling, multi-character epicswith big namemainstreamstars, Diaz’smore humblesingle characterstudies – more so –meritourmuch-neededattention.Like his 2006filmHeremias(Book One: The Legend of the Lizard Princess), starringthe greatRonnieLazaro, Diaz uses a single character’s narrative to embody much ofFilipinopeople’shistoricalsuffering and trauma. Witha masterful performance by HazelOrencio,Diaz turns a soap opera plot on paper into one of the most convincing and authentic depictionsofabuse andtrauma in all of cinema.Other films merely tell the audience a story about abuse and trauma. Diaz’s use ofduration,long takes, visual and aural repetition,attempt to approximate the very experience of abuse and traumainto the audience.

KasaysayanngIsangIna (2014) dir.RueloLozendo–The only short film on the list, but that does not mean it’s a mere novelty. A great short film is just…

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