Douglas Racso


Lav Diaz’s movies are very hard to find. Believe it or not, as much of a fan I am, I have only seen three Diaz movie, one of them is this, “Burger Boys”. This movie I think is Lav Diaz’s first feature film which tells the story of a group of boys writing a script.

It was a blur to me, what happened. I think what happened was that they were the script and they acted out the script. It was one heckuva ride. It was lynchian at places and at times I just did not understand what was going on.

“Burger Boys” is very different from the current Lav Diaz that I grew to be a big fan of. “Burger Boys” was pretty much all over the place, and it was very easy for me to get lost to what was happening. The dialog at times was cheesy and corny and felt really scripted. But I kinda dug the mindfuckery that was going on, but for me it just did not feel a little together.


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